Red Ant's F6 Marblehead in full sail
Red Ant’s F6 Marblehead in full sail (Photo: Brian Outram)

As passionate designers, builders and sailors we want to keep you updated with the latest news about Red Ant, with a few hints and tips that we discover along the way to help you get the most out of your time on the water.

Red Ant F6 dominates in SA

It was an exciting and comprehensive result for Red Ant in the prestigious RM Bournville Trophy on the weekend of 27 and 28 August 2022 in South Australia, with six of the seven placings by the Red Ant F6 Marblehead. Congratulations to all sailors! Special mention to Duncan Groome who achieved his best result ever in an event.

Buying Red Ant components in the UK and Europe just got easier

Phil Holliday, an experienced and respected sailor, is now supplying our winches, servos and drum options to the radio yachting community in the UK and Europe.

Find out more about our winch drums on our electronics page.

Contact Phil on

New and improved Stinger winches arrive in limited supply

Our new batch of Stinger winches has just arrived in Melbourne. The new model features:

  • 20 grams lighter at 125 grams
  • Smaller in height
  • Internal added heat dissipation to better protect PCB

They’re selling fast with 25 already sold. Get them while stocks last.

Find out more.

Red Ant F6 Marblehead launches in the USA

In March 2022, we were excited to launch our first boat in the USA. The F6 hit the water in light conditions in a test sail. Helped by our tuning guidance and experimenting with A, B and C1 rigs, the F6 will be ready for its first outing in coming weeks in a small fleet sailing in a Texan regatta. We’re looking forward to being a part of Jess’ success in the US.

Red Ant launches the new Stinger winch

Our boats use high quality carbon cloths and Epoxy resins. This means producing a light, strong and competitive boat that’s built just for you.

After months of testing in racing conditions, we’re excited to launch our new Stinger winch that’s shown to be precise, smooth and fast. It’s also a direct mount replacement for the RMG, which can be difficult to source.

Find out more.

Get better alignment with a free Red Ant Fin alignment tool

For those home builders looking for a handy alignment tool for ensuring the fin are perfectly aligned with the hull, Red Ant have a STL file for free download.

It is a two piece STL file that can be 3D printed. Then you just insert some 8mm tubes and fit it to your fin using your eye to sight the ends of the tubes to the ends of your hull. It is adjustable to various fin chord lengths and uses a 4mm bolt to secure once correct length.

This can very critical to the performance of your boat.

Contact us if you’d like us to email you the files.

What radio should I use?

It seems to be a very personal thing, like the old Ford and Holden debates as a kid…some people just trust a brand and there is no changing.

But in last few years there has been some big advances in radio technology available, mostly due the popularity of drone racing and FPV drones. There is an operating system called Open TX and more recently EdgeTX which is open source and free to any hardware manufacturers. So now we have a huge choice of high quality and good value radios. Some new radios have a 4 in 1 module that can bind to most brand receivers, and can also take an external module should you want to try a more advanced control link.

Now most of us have no interest in all the switches and gadgets these new radios have and wish there was just an easy 4 channel plug and play radio…but once you have watched a few YouTube videos on how to bind and setup your new radio I’m sure you will be very pleased with the performance.

  • Taranis Q x7 has been around a while and a few guys are using them which is handy if you need help setting it up.

The latest radio link which is taking the drone world by storm is the ExpressLRS.
This has been developed by an open source team and released for free. It’s a very efficient radio link with amazing range and low latency. This probably is not a great concern to most radio sailors but I feel I should mention this new radio link. I personally think that everyone will be using it within a few years.

When buying a new radio, I suggest you consider if it will take an ExpressLRS module. There has just been a PWM receiver just released for plane and boat users. There are also transmitters coming out with this ELRS built in.

Here’s a couple of places to get started:

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