Red Ant’s new sail winches and high voltage rudder servos are the latest addition to the Red Ant range of components and complete kits.

Sail winches

After months of testing in racing conditions, we’re excited to launch our new Stinger winch that’s shown to be precise, smooth and fast. It’s also a direct mount replacement for the RMG, which can be difficult to source.

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Red Ant’s Stinger winch in action

Rudder servos

Our new range of high voltage servos includes a standard version and a lighter version that can save you 20grams. Both can take a 7.4volt battery, have more torque, are more responsive and allow for more precise centring.

We recommend buying the 7.4volt servo when you buy a Red Ant winch.

Winch drums

Our new range of winch drums includes a 26mm single and double, and 32mm single or double variation, making them suitable for most requirements.

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