About us

Our story

Red Ant Radio Yachts started in a backyard shed when a young enthusiastic skipper and a wise sailor shared a passion for innovation and winning. Our first design was a strip-plant balsa IOM which over time has developed into boats that are more than competitive against more expensive alternatives.

Together we’ve won 8 state and national championships and have been placed in the top three rankings many times.

We’re also passionate about the yachting community, having held committee roles in the Albert Park club and International Marblehead Class Australian Champions Grand Master (2019 and 2020) and International Ten Rater Class Australian Champions Grand Master (2019 and 2020).

Radio Yachting is fun, social, and competitive, and Red Ant are excited to be a part of the sailing community. We offer products that are an alternative to current boats with the goal to be competitive at the highest level.

Track our performance

Red Ant Radio Yachts regularly participates in local, state and national competitions. Our recent results include:

ClassRecent results
Marblehead2022 NSW State titles 1st
2022 WA State titles 1st and 3rd
2021 WA State titles 1st
2021 Tasmanian State titles 1st and 3rd
2021 Victorian State titles 2nd
2019 Australian titles 2nd and 3rd
Ten Rater2021 Victorian State titles 4th
IOM2022 Victorian State titles 1st and 2nd

What people say

“I couldn’t be happier. The F6 boat is really fast, the rigs are great, and the fittings are first class, including the new Stinger winch”

Scott M

“Red Ant are constantly doing fantastic work in development, manufacturing, and design for those of us who enjoy the sport. They encourage participants at all levels with their competitive prices and products. The Red Ant gear is at the forefront in performance. How lucky are we to have some Aussie blokes having a red hot go, matching up with the best in the world?”

Scott F

“Over the years, I have purchased three boats and numerous sets of sails from David and Lincoln at Red Ant Radio Yachts. David’s skills in boat building and Lincoln’s sail making are first class. Their products are of a premium quality and the performance on the racetrack is terrific. David (Yoda) and Lincoln are always at the leading edge of radio sailing development, ensuring that everything they provide is competitive, and lasts well. Red Ant are receptive to feedback, listening to their customers to ensure their products work well in the “real world”. From a price perspective, I have always found Red Ant to be extremely fair and reasonable. They continue to provide excellent value for your purchase dollars. I’d like to thank Yoda and Lincoln for contributing with excellence to the radio sailing community.”

Glenn D

Skippers’ tips

We love it when you share our passion about sailing, so here’s a few of our favourite helpful resources and some handy hints.

Get involved in the community

Get more out of your boat

When you buy a Red Ant Radio Yacht, you join a sailing community who can help you get more out of your boat. You’ll receive a tuning matrix to help set up your boat and rigs for the most optimal settings. We regularly sail together in a few locations across Melbourne, and our Facebook groups are where we continue to share advice and the latest updates.

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