Boats and Hulls

Red Ant specialise in taking the time to understand your needs and experience, so that we can build a custom boat that’s right for you.

Our boats are vacuumed carbon fibre construction and only use the best epoxy resins and carbon fibre cloths.

This approach has resulted in consistently good position in the fleet and frequently are placed highly in competitions for all classes.

IOM class

Blitz 6 is our latest design that’s raced well in local competitions. While it’s not yet raced in bigger competitions, all signs against locals with very competitive designs indicate that it can hold its own in all conditions.

Marblehead class

The F-series boats evolved from the scourge to fuzzy logic and into the F-series. Over the years they’ve placed well in world championships and have won many local competitions in Australia. F6 is the current boat and has remained mostly unchanged for the last 3 years. There have only been minor sail plan changes the hull stayed same and there is no plans to change the hull shape.

New construction techniques have resulted in more efficient build times so that you can get on the water faster than ever.

Ten Rater class

Our Blade series have evolved to being a shorter boat with more displacement that gives a generous sail area. It’s shown promise with many race wins at the 2021 Victorian State Titles against many well sailed Trances. We’ve made the most of COVID lockdowns by refining the Blade, which will be tested soon against other competitors.

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